Asking the questions to meet your needs.

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Asking the questions to meet your needs.

Before you can make a meaningful decision about storing your goods, you need to determine why and how you need storage. At Bellam Self Storage & Boxes we know that matching your needs to the best storage place is the best way to keep our customers happy. Before you start, review the tips below.

Five Tips… Or solutions…

Storage space size…

Of course it depends on what you’re storing… the answer to this question will help you determine the kind of storage you need. If you’re receiving large shipments on pallets or storing large items of equipment, such as gardening tools, a roll up garage type space would be appropriate. If you are storing household items, delicate items or collectibles, you might choose indoor storage which would have a more controlled environment and better security.

At Bellam Self Storage we offer both indoor and rollup type storage spaces.

To get the best use of your storage space, use the vertical space also. Pack in boxes that are clean, strong, and stackable. Used boxes have a history and might have smells, bugs or other problems. Come by Bellam Self Storage & Boxes and get a FREE consultation on how to pack and how to store.


This should always be an issue when you are storing. There are two factors to consider. First, does the storage facility offer a safe environment with controlled access to help protect your goods? And just as important, will you feel safe there? Does the storage facility have a controlled access? Is it well lighted and staffed at all times? What security features does the building offer? Garage type spaces with exterior access offer immediate convenience but are not always the best security. Storage spaces within a building add to security, especially if they are electronically monitored. Door alarms are particularly effective, but work best if the building is staffed during customer access hours. Whenever a storage facility offers access after office hours, its security may be compromised. Visit the storage facilities you are considering and ask questions about each facility’s security features. Are you comfortable with the security arrangements? Don’t take a chance to store your belongings if your security questions are not satisfied. Don’t let anyone else make the decision for you. Often a moving company might try to dictate such a critical decision based solely on their ease of delivery. To optimize safety and security, select a facility that is fully staffed during all its access hours; never find your self alone in any large unoccupied building. A well staffed building will automatically offer a higher comfort level of security, which women customers especially appreciate. Weigh your security needs based on the type of goods you are storing and your personal comfort level.

At Bellam Self Storage & Boxes we have a computer controlled gated access and each storage door is individually alarmed. We have internal camera surveillance and monitoring. We specialize in indoor storage which offers the best storage conditions. We staff our building all the access hours.


Make sure your delivery vehicle can comfortably park, load and unload at the storage building. Consider whether you need to accommodate a large moving truck, a rental truck, or your own vehicle. Remember, since you will be unloading your belongings, be sure that you are within a secure area, and that loading area access is limited to facility tenants. You do not want to find yourself unloading on a street. Your storage facility should provide free hand carts and dollies for easy loading and unloading. Multi-floor facilities can be just as convenient if an elevator or lift access is available. A covered loading area is particularly nice in rainy weather.

At Bellam Self Storage & Boxes we can accommodate the largest of professional moving vans. We have ample parking for all our storage customers and have a covered loading area; a blessing on rainy days! The loading areas are within a gated parking lot that can only be accessed with your individual security code.

Building Conditions…

Obviously, the physical condition of the storage building is critical. Be sure the building is dry, clean, well maintained, and with no evidence of mildew, pests or rodents. A facility should smell fresh. Indoor facilities have less temperature variation than garage type or container storage or metal buildings, and are less likely to have moisture or condensation issues. If you decide on a garage style space, don’t store your goods in contact with the metal walls. Fine furniture, books, photographs, and collectibles should be stored inside a building with moderate temperature year round. Cedar is a natural insect and rodent repellant and is available as chips or in a convenient spray bottle for use in homes and storage. Cedar is also a natural product and friendly to the environment. Never store food or perishable items in your storage unit. Do not be the source of your pest infestation.

At Bellam Self Storage & Boxes the building is concrete tilt up and was built specifically for storage by a professional moving & storage company. The building maintains a moderate temperature year round. Our foam insulated roof keeps the temperatures even & steady on all floors of our building. We prohibit the storage of liquids and perishables in our building. Our customers help to maintain our unblemished record of a pest free environment.


Customer service in any business will vary; the same is true in storage. When considering the service options available, the first step is to be sure that the facility office is on site, and check the level of staffing are they present at all times? Ask your storage advisor what services are available? Do they offer billing? Can your monthly storage payment be processed automatically? Are you able to communicate easily with the storage staff via e-mail? Does the facility offer a wide variety of storage supplies? Clean boxes and proper packing materials make all the difference in the secure storage and transport of your property.

At Bellam Self Storage & Boxes we pride ourselves on customer service. We offer billing and automatic credit card payments. We can correspond via the internet to our many world wide customers. We properly staff our building during all the storage access hours.

Moving boxes and packing supplies…

Bellam Self Storage & Boxes has a large selection of moving boxes and packing supplies, which are listed on our website under Packing Materials. Our prices and quality are the best in the area. Compare and then shop here. Also check out our Packing Tips.

Come by for a Tour…

After all is said and done, be sure you are happy with your choice. Choose a storage facility that offers the convenience, services, conditions and security that make you comfortable. Like in any business, there are choices. If any storage company speaks poorly of any competitor, beware. Every facility should market on its own merits. The differences in what facilities offer help to satisfy a variety of storage customers and their needs. So choose what is best for you.

You may call our storage advisors at Bellam Self Storage & Boxes to help you choose the best storage for your needs. When you store for the first time you will have many questions. As you become more seasoned, you’ll know which questions matter to you. Here at Bellam Self Storage & Boxes, we will courteously answer your questions and help you find the storage space, even if we find that it’s best to recommend another self storage that’s right for you. We have chosen to be the best in the field. When you’re ready for storage, come by for a Tour.

Bellam Self Storage & Boxes is a family operation and has been in business in Marin since 1982. We’re proud to report that Bellam is now a certified Marin County Green Business, and we are Solar powered. As a local operation, Bellam continues to contribute to the community and participate in making San Rafael a better, greener environment — It is a pleasure to meet and help our customers every day.

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