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General Packing Tips to help you make decisions:

  • A little planning… and using the right packing materials can make the experience organized and less painful, while protecting your goods from damage.
  • Tackle the task in stages, so that you won’t tire.
  • Make a general list of the difference kinds of items you will be packing; that will help in selecting the sizes and quantities of boxes & wrap materials.
  • Use boxes that are clean; previously used boxes have a history and might have smells, bugs, or other problems.
  • Be sure you purchase moving boxes that match the weight rating of the goods you’re packing.
  • Use the correct size and weight box and save your back.
  • Set up a packing center, with everything at your fingertips; tape, scissors, boxes, bubble wrap, paper, etc.
  • Start packing early by packing non-essentials such as knick-knacks, china, stemware, collections, books, etc.

Cost of Packing…

You can choose to have a professional moving company pack your items; however, anyone can pack using the tips above. Boxes come in all sizes and vary in price. Be sure you purchase moving boxes that match the weight rating of the goods you’re packing. Ask your Bellam Self Storage & Boxes advisor for assistance in selecting the right boxes for your packing needs. Bellam Self Storage & Boxes offers a full assortment of boxes and moving supplies at the best prices, and offers quantity discounts. Remember, if it’s worth packing, it’s worth packing it right!

Recycled Products…

Brown moving boxes are made with recycled products. The interior core is all recycled; the exterior is new, since recycled paper is inherently weaker. Bubble products are also recyclable. Bellam Self Storage & Boxes offers both boxes made of recycled products & wrap materials, as well as new products, to best meet your needs.

Full Assortment…

Bellam Self Storage & Boxes has a wide selection of moving and packing supplies so that you can purchase what you need, not just what is available. Bellam Self Storage & Boxes has a full assortment and the best prices, since we clearly focus on the moving box market and deal in volume that offer savings. Bellam Self Storage & Boxes has a full assortment of moving, packing and shipping materials, all at the best prices.


When you are ready to make your move, and need to store or purchase boxes & wrap supplies, Bellam Self Storage & Boxes offers a free delivery service, within Marin County, call for details. Come by to check our assortment, and get the best advice no how to pack. You can order all your supplies on line and we will deliver (free delivery) within Marin County, call for details.

What Bellam Self Storage & Boxes can do for you…

  • Open 7 days a week
  • Friendly, helpful & informed staff.
  • Conveniently located
  • Full assortment of moving & packing boxes
  • Boxes made from recycled products
  • Full assortment of wrap & pack supplies
  • The best prices & best quality in town
  • Full listing of our assortment & pricing on the internet
  • Order on line…
  • Purchase 25 or more of the same item & receive 10% off
  • Receive a free roll of 20yd tape with minimum $ \50.00 purchase