Bellam Self Storage and Boxes Bellam Self Storage and Boxes

Free Box Delivery in Marin County


Our storage advisors will provide you with the best advice and most cost-efficient solution to your storage problems. They will advise you on your storage needs including:

  • Size estimation
  • Packing
  • Trucking companies
  • How to reserve a unit
  • A personal storage quotation
  • Brochures, detailing storage information
  • Call for a tour of our building

Bellam Self Storage and Boxes Storage AdvisorAt Bellam Self Storage and Boxes CUSTOMER SERVICE is our policy. We are here to assist our tenants and prospective tenants in planning their storage needs. Regardless of your location, we make renting a storage space easy. You can secure your storage unit over the telephone. We have local tenants from the Marin County area and all over the world. Give us a call or a click and we can help you plan your storage needs, short term, long term, or for any specific time period.

We CAN HELP you estimate your space requirements and choose a unit size that fits your needs. Rents are determined by unit size, efficiently packed space will cost less than a larger space. Our trained staff is ready to help you select a unit that best suits you.

RESERVATIONS are a great customer service. They enable a customer to rent a unit via telephone (or in person), and allows them to come in at a later date to sign the contract. Many prospective tenants do not have the ability to come to Bellam Self Storage and Boxes immediately to rent a unit when it is available, but they can rent via telephone, fax, or e-mail. We accept both MasterCard and Visa.

Bellam Self Storage and Boxes customers benefit from immediate "walk-in" access to their storage unit without any additional charges no matter how frequently you visit. This is unlike traditional or containerized storage, where there is a charge each time the container is accessed.

Self storage offers a convenient storage solution if you are remodeling, relocating, or need more space at home or office.

Self storage enables you to store practically anything, big or small, from filing cabinets to pianos, Christmas decorations to computers, beds to bicycles, granny's china to garden furniture, as long as it's not flammable, liquid, perishable, alive, or illegal.